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BYL Youth Program Philosophy 

Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse strives to provide each player with the best possible age appropriate level of coaching instruction; we seek to build a player’s confidence in themselves and in learning lacrosse skills; we aspire to develop a sense of teamwork and fair play; we honor the rich history and tradition of the game by respecting the rules, our opponents, officials, our teammates and ourselves; and we aim to develop character values that will benefit today’s players in later years and in other endeavors. Players will learn the value of teamwork, determination, and commitment, and have fun playing lacrosse.  

“Playing Up”

All players will be assigned to a team based on their grade level. BYL does not allow players from the 3/4 level through high school level to “play up” on the team above their current grade.  “Playing up” in this context means fully joining (for practices and games) the team above their level.

Per Washington High School Boys Lacrosse Association (WHSBLA) and Washington School Girls Lacrosse Association (WSLA) rules, no 8th grade girls or boys are allowed to play up at the high school level for any reason.

Per North Sound Youth Lacrosse (NSYL) league rules, only players one grade below a given level are allowed to play at that level (ex. – a 6th grader could play in a 7/8 game, but not a 5th grader).