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Boys Grades K-2 Lacrosse Program

Players will learn the fundamental techniques of shooting and dodging, as well as defensive positioning, ball handling and stick checking.

Bellingham Warriors Lacrosse runs a developmental program for boys in grades K-2.  The K-2 level is a clinic-based program where players receive small group and one to one instruction. Players will learn critical passing, catching and ground ball skills as well as the importance of sportsmanship and respect for the game of lacrosse. The field size is significantly reduced at the K-2 level to cross-field play as mandated by US Lacrosse. The K-2 team will have three (3) jamborees scheduled with other NSYL programs.

The K-2 boys will practice at the same field and time as boys in our grades 3/4 program, and will join them when appropriate for drills and scrimmaging.

Per BYL, players in grades K-2 should play in the developmental program.  If there is a 2nd grader who the coaches feel can play safely and competitively at the 3/4 level, then that player may be asked to join a 3/4 team.  BYL would like to have only 2nd graders that have completed one season in the K-2 developmental program be considered for joining the 3/4 level, however, if a coach feels that a first-year 2nd grader could play safely and competitively at the 3/4 level, then they will be allowed to do so if they desire and if their parents approve.  No kindergartners or 1st graders will be able to play at the 3/4 level.