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Volunteers are needed for every game,  all season long!  Please volunteer and support your team!  

Sign up is easy and can be accessed through Sign Up Genius:

Check back at the start of Spring season for volunteer opportunities!

  1. Field liners - Thank you Jeremy and Mark for working so hard to lay out the initial lines.  We may need additional help later in the season to maintain the lines but for now we are covered.
  2. Score Keeping and Statistics - arrive at the game 30 minutes prior to start time to prepare.  Stay at the score table for the duration of the game to track and record player statistics and the game score. This role is needed for both home and away games
  3. Set up and tear down - A huge thank you to Kelli Brown on 5/6 (Wyatt's mom) and Bob Trout on 3/4 (Christian's dad) who have volunteered to bring the table, tent, score board, and 2 chairs to each home game.  She will need 1 helper to set up and tear down the equipment.  
  4. Time Keeper - arrive at the game a few minutes before start time and track start and end times for periods and half time.  This role is needed for home games only.
  5. Side Line Manager - arrive at the game a few minutes before start time and be the lead in maintaining a positive spectator environment with proper etiquette.  Help remind parents to focus on positive encouragement and away from "coaching the players" or negatively questioning coaches and referees. This role is needed for home and away games.
  6. Snacks - bring healthy snacks to share after the game. We would like to have snacks for home and away games.
If you area unable to volunteer for these roles, please keep in mind that we still need help with fundraising, 3-Rivers Tournament, and the Harvey Cup.